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Re-batching Handmade Soaprebatch1

Our soap making adventures started many years ago, and as a result, we have an overabundance of unused soap laying around. Re-batching is a great way to give these old, tired, scentless soaps a makeover!


The first step is to grate the soaps. These soaps are anywhere from 4 to 10 years old! They were all homemade by us, and we knew that the ingredients were too good to let them go to waste. Although old, they are still quite usable. The scent on most of them, however, was just about non-existent and giving them new life seemed the right thing to do.


The next step is to put them in the crock pot with some sort of liquid. We used our own goat’s milk, splashed a bit in there and put the cooker on low. If we were really thinking ahead, I think we would have separated some of the grated soap into same colors or shades, but alas, this was not the case. As a result, our soap color after melting did not look appetizing at all!


See what we mean! Not the prettiest soap in the world.

After melting the shavings and goat’s milk in the crock pot we added essential and fragrance oils to the batches and came up with some great combinations! Wrebatch101112222e used small soap molds to create bars.

We’ve found over the years that if we used larger molds for re-batch it took too long for the soap to congeal, and we just were not in the mood to wait! After they cooled in the molds they were popped into the freezer, taken out after a few hours and ran under warm water to release.

Here are the finished results!


They might not be pretty, but they smell delicious!

Green Apple and Cucumber
Frankincense and Myrrh
Sandalwood and Smokey Patchouli
Pina Colada
Carnation and Spiced Plum
Lavender and Mint

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Winter is here!

Charlie's first snow

Charlie’s first snow

If finally feels like winter here on the farm! Our first real snow came yesterday, and we’re pretty sure that our ground will be white from now on until late Spring.

Our puppy Charlie didn’t know what to think of the white flakes falling from the sky. Soon she was running, and playing and scooping up the  snow in her mouth. Now, we can hardly keep her inside! Our other dogs, Ruby and Radar just barely tolerate the snow, and do not like to venture outside without their coats on.

The heater went out in the chicken coop, so we put up a Kerosene lamp to keep our feathery friends warm. Now we have very dirty chickens! They look grey instead of white. Poor things. We’ll have to think of another way to keep them warm without breaking the bank, and without covering the coop in soot!

Now that the snow is here we will be focusing on projects that are long overdue inside the house. We’ll be working on value added products, sewing, spinning, and creating lots of art! Another round of soap making will definitely be in our near future. This time instead of re-batching, we will be whipping up some amazing batches of homemade soap from scratch.