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Soap Class Success!

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Our first ever soap making class was a great success, thanks to some great and generous people, the NW Preppers and Survivalists.

We started with an informal introduction and then enjoyed some “getting to know you” time and some goodies that were thoughtfully brought by our attendees. It was a wonderful gathering of friends, and even though we had just met, it seemed like we had been doing this for years.

After we were sure that everyone who wanted to participate had made it, we were off! We talked about what soap was, how it was discovered, and the supplies you will need to make it. Safety was also covered, and I was able to tell them of my adventures of being a “pirate” for a week after splashing hot lye soap in my eye. Yeah. That really happened.

soapclass4use safety goggles… or else

Then we started soaping! We made a hot process batch of soap, and after smelling many of the essential and fragrance oils we were able to get a unanimous decision of using Frankincense and Myrrh fragrance oil (from Bramble Berry), with red mica for color.


Here’s the recipe we followed:

Olive Oil 12 oz.

Coconut Oil 11 oz.

Palm Oil 10 oz.

Palm Kernel Oil 7 oz.

Shea Butter 5 oz.

Distilled Water 14 oz.

Lye 6.4 oz.

Raw Silk

We used a small wooden rectangular mold, and when the soap was done cooking (saponifying) we slopped it in, and it came out wonderful! Since the group was not able to see the finished result, I un-molded a batch of lavender, rosemary, mint soap I had made the day before and we were able to slice and distribute a bar of soap to everyone.


We had such a great time, and look forward to teaching another class soon! Thanks again to everyone who came, and we hope that your soaping adventures continue!

Here are some helpful links to help our fellow soapers:

Here is a fragrance calculator from Bramble Berry:

Author: earthandherbs

Earth and Herbs is a four-generation, all female run farm in Eastern Washington State. We grow lavender, decorative and edible flowers, and herbs. We make a variety of products from what we grow, such as natural soap and toiletries, lavender sachets and neck pillows, and lots of art. We're on 10 acres in beautiful Chewelah, Washington just south of the Canadian boarder, and strive for sustainability, growing organically, permaculture and enriching the earth. This spring we will be integrating ducks and geese into our farm to help with weed/pest control and fertilization of our 13 varieties of lavender and 1,000 flower bulbs. Contact us for more information.

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