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Flower and Herb Farm in NE Washington State

Winter is here!


Charlie's first snow

Charlie’s first snow

If finally feels like winter here on the farm! Our first real snow came yesterday, and we’re pretty sure that our ground will be white from now on until late Spring.

Our puppy Charlie didn’t know what to think of the white flakes falling from the sky. Soon she was running, and playing and scooping up the  snow in her mouth. Now, we can hardly keep her inside! Our other dogs, Ruby and Radar just barely tolerate the snow, and do not like to venture outside without their coats on.

The heater went out in the chicken coop, so we put up a Kerosene lamp to keep our feathery friends warm. Now we have very dirty chickens! They look grey instead of white. Poor things. We’ll have to think of another way to keep them warm without breaking the bank, and without covering the coop in soot!

Now that the snow is here we will be focusing on projects that are long overdue inside the house. We’ll be working on value added products, sewing, spinning, and creating lots of art! Another round of soap making will definitely be in our near future. This time instead of re-batching, we will be whipping up some amazing batches of homemade soap from scratch.


Author: earthandherbs

Earth and Herbs is a four-generation, all female run farm in Eastern Washington State. We grow lavender, decorative and edible flowers, and herbs. We make a variety of products from what we grow, such as natural soap and toiletries, lavender sachets and neck pillows, and lots of art. We're on 10 acres in beautiful Chewelah, Washington just south of the Canadian boarder, and strive for sustainability, growing organically, permaculture and enriching the earth. This spring we will be integrating ducks and geese into our farm to help with weed/pest control and fertilization of our 13 varieties of lavender and 1,000 flower bulbs. Contact us for more information.

3 thoughts on “Winter is here!

  1. it certainly does say a thousand words…..dido

  2. Your puppy is adorable!

    – KW

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